The TV documentary

370x251The project “On the Trails of the Glaciers” plans a video documentary, for a total lenght of about 60 minutes, in high definition format. For video shootings last generation digital gear will be used, and in particular we’ll work with Sony PMW-EX3 camcorders, able to make available a non-linear XCAM workflow with the best full-HD quality on the market within a semi-portable camcorder. This device can switch between the 1080i and the 720p modes, and is equipped with the legendary trademark “CineAlta 24P”, able to record with multiple frame-rates (for example 59.94i and the native 23.98P).

Il documentario verrà prodotto da SD cinematografica, casa di produzione che da alcuni anni ha focalizzato la sua attività sul documentario naturalistico, scientifico e storico. La regia e le riprese sono affidate a Paolo Aralla, che seguirà la spedizione durante tutte le attività in Karakorum.

The documentary aims to make the public more aware about the issues that are the scientific fundaments of the “On the Trails of the Glaciers” project, that is the consequences of the global warming and climate changes active on a worlwide scale to influence planet’s story in a way deeper than the one usually felt by the large public. At the very core of the scientific activities to be documented there is the comparison among the new images to be taken during the expedition and the historic images obtained in 1909 by Vittorio Sella during the well known expedition of the Duke of Abruzzi, in order to enlighten the climate changes occurred in the latest century with the fundamental help of two of the greatest glaciologists in the world, Prof. Claudio Smiraglia and Prof. Kenneth Hewitt.

Documentary will be produced by SD cinematografica, a video production house with an activity focused on naturalistic, scientific and historic documentaries. Direction and shooting will be committed to Paolo Aralla, who will be with the expedition during the activities in Karakorum.

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