Weather forecasts by Centro Epson Meteo

The project “On the Trails of the Glaciers” will take advantage by the collaboration of the eminent Centro Epson Meteo (CEM) for the coverage of the weather forecasts during the expedition’s activities in Karakorum. CEM will give team members a constant coverage of the evolution of the atmosferic fisic parameters, with the elaboration of custom chartes for the Baltoro glacier region.

CEM is nowadays one of the most advanced european structures for the applied research and forecasting on weather conditions all around the world. CEM’s Automated Computation Center is able to elaborate nearly in realtime the huge amount of data necessary for the weather forecasts; today, the Center is based on a cluster of  64-bit processors capable to perform 1,000 billions operations per second (1 Teraflop). Forecasts are made publicly available two times a day, and cover the entire Earth surface. CEM’s Forecasting format is dedicated to 8.100 italian municipalities, 103 italian main cities (with details about temperatures), 440 italian turistic locations (with details about temperatures), 700 main towns in Europe and 7,000 cities in the world.

CEM participation in our project is a great advantage for the expedition, that will operate in a peculiar region where the weather conditions usually change even in the shortest timeframe; so, the expedition will receive a fundamental support for the planning of the activities on a daily basis.

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