Good-bye, Karakorum!

13082009-fab_1850Here we are again in Skardu, after a month spent between the glaciers and after having travelled about 200 km on foot, we find again the places where we started. From the lodge’s windows facing the Indo’s valley, so many memories come back to mind; I must admit that many thoughts troubled my heart at the start, the high altitude, food, water, cold, living with people who didn’t know. Eventually, however, the outcomes from this experience are very positive, and rewarding.

Follow the expedition of “On the Trails of the Glaciers” made me discover places and people that I was not expecting at all, the Terzano peak (5400 meters), perhaps nothing compared to the mythical mountains over 8000 meters that surrounded us, was a fantastic goal for me. K2, well … you reach Concordia, turn your head left and find this immense pyramid of rock and snow built by nature, that hypnotizes and dominate you. When on August 17th began to snow, everything was covered with two feet of fresh snow, for a mountain enthusiast like me is a unique emotion, sinking into the snow is something sublime…



I can not forget the sympathy of our carriers, like Fidel Ali (my carrier and assistant operator): in addition to having a steel body, in a couple of days he developed a strong skill about video gears, handling lenses, hard disks, batteries, tripods, almost reading my thoughts: mythical! I must certainly owe him a good chunk of credit for the success of the filming for the documentary, not only from the technical point of view: it was surprising to see him face the long walks (even 8 hours a day) without ever forgetting his religious duties, or work accompanied by his singing, whose tones and vibrations have often immersed us in an atmosphere of true enchantment. In a month of close cohabitation I’ve never found a moment without seeing the smile on his lips. Thanks, Fidel!

By placing our footage for the journey back to Italy, I’m yet planning the work that still needs to be done, hints for storyboarding, new interviews with Prof. Smiraglia and Prof. Hewitt, that we think to collect this fall in London, at the prestigious seat of the Royal Geographic Society. Technically, for these shots I used a Sony PMW-EX3 camcorder, a great leap in quality over the yet valuable Sony HVR-Z1 I had used until shortly before departure. The new camera, a true CINEALTA, proved absolutely perfect for the work of the expedition: great handling even in the most uncomfortable conditions, high definition, great versatility thanks to interchangeable lenses and to the hard disk recording system, that has allowed us to operate even at lower temperatures, even at -10 ° C, without any problem. Excellent also the behavior of the large LCD (finally also suitable as a professional viewfinder), who showed no hesitation even with intense cold, and of the 32 GB memory cards, very fast in re-read operations and in trasferring files to the laptop.

A little bit heavy hearted, we now must complete our preparations for the return to Italy, and greet these wonderful places to walk toward our houses with our minds crowded by memories and feelings we’ll never forgot.

Goodbye, Karakorum!






  1. Laura
    Sep 05, 2009


    che nostalgia…quando ripartite?!!
    anche..”in ritardo”…
    siamo dispost* ad aspettare!!

    dal racconto si respira la vera riuscita
    della spedizione: un clima splendido nella natura
    e un “clima” prezioso tra tutti voi

    e non c’era saluto migliore che terminare (..per ora..)
    con un frammento della vostra avventura notturna
    in cerca di mitici scatti

    e offrendoci quelle splendide nuvole che si rincorrono
    in una inaspettata danza musicale


  2. Neomi Cains
    Sep 05, 2010

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    Oct 24, 2010

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