270 degrees of Baltoro glacier

Panoramica sopra UrdukasWhat a day, this August 4th! A few meters further up, after the image of the spire above  Urdukas, I’m also able to retrieve the same photo point of another astounding image taken by Massimo Terzano; a similar image was obtained by Vittorio Sella too twenty years before, although its shooting point was placed way higher, close to the icy peak at about 5800 meters of altitude. Since these are the first few days we spend at this height, we decide to postpone the shoot when we’ll come back, we will be more acclimated for sure.

Anyway, I  can take again a panoramic picture Terzano obtained, with ease: as usually, I shoot using one of the new Nikon digital cameras with Nikon FX sensor, mounted on the Roundshot VR Drive pano head; when the light is “right”, I repeat shots on film with the Linhof Master Technika 3000, choosing the back for the 6×9 cm format.

Working on both digital and traditional media, I can take advantage of the best of two technologies: digital images have the advantage of immediacy, and thanks to the small netbook I have chosen as a laptop computer for this expedition, I can process images quickly and then send them to the editorial board in Rome via the satellite link, for publication in the online galleries attached to these articles; the original high resolution files are stored on two portable 2.5-inch and a half terabyte each disks, in order to always have a backup copy; these files may be used at the end of the expedition to obtain nice photographic prints. The images taken on large format film, instead, will be developed at our return to Italy and will compose the original collections of high quality pictures that will be used for scientific purposes.

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