Terzano Rock

We left Payu at 7:00am and soon reached the Baltoro glacier’s front, in order to repeat one of the most known images taken by Massimo Terzano; with a great regret, we see that this could be one of the latest chances to enjoy this astounding view, since the area of the Terzano Rock seems to be greatly undermined at its base because of the erosion operated by the Baltoro river.

Therefore, this magnificent rock is doomed to collapse soon.

The dynamics of the area is very active; we can immediately notiche the side erosion of the stream and the greatest burying of the Desio Rock. More precisely it has been also possible to notice some succession of glacial deposits that seem to overlap to river ones, thus revealing a possible progress of the front.

On the way back we’ll perform new detailed surveys in order to depict the progress status of the glacial front, related to the position of the Desio Rock, often used as waypoint.

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  1. narce
    Aug 11, 2009

    Interessante seguirvi in questi reportage.

    E complimenti a Fabiano Ventura per il lavoro di ricerca, in preparazione di questo progetto, su luoghi e fotografie
    di chi vi ha preceduto “sulle tracce dei ghiacciai”.

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