On the way back home

22082009-fab_2473_confrontoTime flies away, and for us the moment comes to make the long journey home, which with about 60 km in 5 days of trekking will take us from Concordia to the village of Askole. To date, we can say the success of the expedition, with almost all the planned goals achieved. But the job is not yet finished, photographic and survey activities will continue during the journey back, not to mention the repetition of some historic shots we postponed during the trip for logistical reasons; in particular we’ll spend two days at the camp Payu

to carry out some measurements on this important front of the Baltoro glacier, such as its current distance from the boulder Desio, considered an important historic landmark.

Yesterday afternoon, with the help of Pino, I managed to replicate an historic shot, an image very aesthetic by Massimo Terzano depicting in the foreground a member of the expedition of 1929 with two carriers intent on climbing an ice ship, with the K2 wrapped in the clouds on the background. This image, though of value mainly aesthetic, could prove useful to show how 80 years ago the ice ships at the Concordia circus were more numerous and much larger than today.

Prior to departure, then, we can not avoid from making some ritual portraits with our pakistani friends.


  1. Donatella
    Aug 29, 2009

    Buon rientro ,vi aspettiamo con la certezza che sara’ ancora piu’entusiasmente rivedere le riprese,commentate personalmente da chi ha vissuto un’esperienza cosi’ forte come la vostra;Paolo abbiamo voglia di riabbracciarti,ma e pa.
    Sono sicura che il Duca degli Abruzzi direbbe:”Dopo cento anni sono stato ricordato degnamente da un vero team di professionisti.”

  2. natascia
    Aug 31, 2009

    tra le foto strepitose e i racconti sembra quasi (purtroppo solo quasi) di essere li. non vedo l’ora di vedere il video.
    un abbraccio a presto

  3. Ehsan
    Sep 06, 2009

    Hey MissinG u All Guys….
    U all rockZzzzz….

    Ehsan islamabad pakistan

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