On the trail of the glaciers: Mission to Caucasus, awarded documentary

Premiazione-documentario-a-Monte-CarloThe documentary “On the trail of the glaciers: Mission to Caucasus” of Marco Preti won the Special Prize Principe Ranieri III at the Monte Carlo Television Festival (June 9-13 2013).

The movie tells the story of the photographer Fabiano Ventura and of his team of scientists in the Georgian Caucasus. The aim of the expedition was to study the effects of climate changes in a beautiful area, kept inaccessible for decades by the Soviet regime, but for this reason remained uncontaminated and out of time.

Ventura compared the actual situation of those areas with the one immortalized from other photographers, Vittorio Sella and Mor von Dechy, about a siècle ago. Ventura reveals an alarming reality for those who care about our Planet: most of the glacier surface, which was photographed by Sella and Dechy, today does not exist anymore, disappeared forever.

After receiving this international award, and the numerous compliments of the critique and the public, SD Cinmatografica of Roberto Dall’Angelo who made the film, is currently finalizing the organization for the next documentary of the next upcoming adventure in Alaska.

To see the video of the documentary awards click here

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