Video preview of the expedition to Alaska

Copertino-articolo-videoIt has been almost three weeks since the beginning of the ‘On the trail of the Glaciers’ expedition -  Alaska 2013. Three intense weeks of moving around, long missions in the very dense rainforest, freezing mornings on tiny boats that brought us to the heart of one of the most spectacular wilderness reserves in the world. Just think to that the magical fjord that is Glacier Bay National Park, was buried entirely by an ice cap back in 1750. After the most intense glacier retreat in the history of the planet, it has become home to a huge number of different species. Bears, whales, seals, killer whales and sea lions were present during  the mission to re-create the images taken by explorers, naturalists, and American geologists who set out to explore Alaska at the end of the 19th century.

Below is a summary of the first moving images of the expedition.

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