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Macromicro is a non-profit organization that deals with environmental themes and, using photography for scientific and environmental purposes, organizes events and projects aimed to protect natural resources.

The association aims at communicating values such as sustainable development and safeguard of natural resources, taking advantage of easily accessible tools such as photography, and of innovative and original methodologies.

The association was founded by a group of people who are particularly interested in addressing and divulgate environmental topics. The president of the association, Fabiano Ventura, is a professional photographer specialized in environmental, landscape and geographic reportages.

Currently the organization is involved in the photographic-scientific project “On the Trails of the Glaciers“, which is aimed at studying the effects of climate changes on the most important glaciers of the Earth.


Non Profit Association “Macromicro”

Registered Office and Administrative Secretariat:

Lungotevere di Pietra Papa 179
00146 Rome – Italy

Web: www.macromicro.it
Email: info@macromicro.it
Phone +39 06 452217040
Fax +39 06 5593162


Press Office

Michela Mazzali
Telephone: +39 06 64010837
Cellular phone: +39 348 2652565



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