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Following the footsteps of Frank La Roche, mission Muir Point

We set off again on the evening of the 29th of July. We make our way towards Muir Point with the aim of climbing up the slopes of Mount Wright and repeating history by taking a photo of Muir Glacier, like the famous one taken by Frank La Roche in 1893, exactly 120 years ago.  [...]

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Lardaadi Adishi, a huge icefall

Sometimes, a second is enough to catch the moment in a wonderful photograph; other times it takes time and tenacity. To remake the masterly Vittorio Sella’s image of Lardaadi Adishi, one of the most spectacular Svanetia’s glaciers, we were forced to make a tough 3-days expedition, with porters and horses.
During the wonderful mid-august day we [...]

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