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On the trails of the … project. Motivations, techniques and results.

The project “On the Trails of the Glaciers” has as its main target, through several expeditions, the production of modern photographic images reproducing the exact angles of shots taken early last century by the most famous exploring photographers; these new images will give scientists and investigators the basis for comparative observations on the state of [...]

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Special thanks to…

The expedition is coming to its conclusion, and the preparations for the return to Italy brutally bring us back to our lives, our families, our friends. With our eyes still full of the fantastic views of the Karakorum, we carry with us memories and feelings that are difficult to tell; thanks to the images that [...]

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Good-bye, Karakorum!

Here we are again in Skardu, after a month spent between the glaciers and after having travelled about 200 km on foot, we find again the places where we started. From the lodge’s windows facing the Indo’s valley, so many memories come back to mind; I must admit that many thoughts troubled my heart at [...]

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Latest observations on Baltoro glacier

Yesterday we finished some important observations on the area of Baltoro and in particular on his forehead. The extension of the glacier, with a basin area of 60 km in length, covering a range of altitudes between about 3650 meters of his forehead up to the 8611 meters of K2, and the grandeur of its [...]

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The front of the Baltoro glacier

Today we’ll spend the entire day at the front of the Baltoro glacier. Weather conditions are not so good, and we’re a little worry: these measurements are important, if we fail today, we would not have occasion to repeat them again, since we can not stay another day in Payu. Prepared the equipment, we reach [...]

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No pain, no gain

We moved from Urdukas to Payu, and as described in the last article by Pino we met really innumerable upd and downs. During the trip we also found many historic viewpoints, especially those of Vittorio Sella. But let us proceed with order …
Last night was quite tormented in terms of photography: during a long exposure [...]

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Genesis of the many Baltoro’s ups and downs

Compared to the landscape’s size you’re normally used, the area of Baltoro is truly breathtaking; apart its length of 60 km (the fifth longest glacier in the world), even its dynamics is surprising in comparison to what is usually seen on Alps or on classic textbooks; in addition to the classic crevasses and moraines, here [...]

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On the way back home

Time flies away, and for us the moment comes to make the long journey home, which with about 60 km in 5 days of trekking will take us from Concordia to the village of Askole. To date, we can say the success of the expedition, with almost all the planned goals achieved. But the job [...]

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