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The K2 Base Camp and the Godwen Austen glacier

The first snow comes, and we are therefore forced to postpone our trip to the base camp of K2; the weather conditions are rapidly deteriorating, and certainly we’ll not be able to achieve Sella’s photographs and measurements at the Memorial. From previous measurements and photographic comparisons, it seems that 100 years ago the Godwin Austen [...]

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Baltoro’s ice sails

Among the extensive amount of debris and huge longitudinal moraines developing along the valley of the Baltoro, there are peculiar alignments of naked ice, shapes classified as ice sails. These are shapes whose origin is still debated in the literature. Going up the valley of the Baltoro, it was possible to appreciate the evolutive dynamics [...]

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High Baltoro

As expected, thanks to the meteo forecasts provided by Centro Epson Meteo, this morning the weather is beautiful. Today we leave the camp with a large equipment (tents, sleeping bags, mats and food for two days): we expect to spend the next night at Ali Camp, on the Vigne glacier, looking for a photo viewpoint [...]

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From snow to Debris Covered Glaciers: the Baltoro glacier

The Baltoro Glacier is one of the largest valley glaciers of the Earth and, being almost 60 km long, is rankings in fifth position in the world for lenght. The surface of this glacier is almost entirely covered with debris, thus it’s classified as a debris covered glacier. Where does all this debris originated?
The action [...]

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Second panoramic at Concordia

August 13th, this is a day to remember: in addition to having achieved another mythical place, we have also reached the Terzano peak, a major milestone for our project at an altitude of almost 5500 meters! Certainly, if compared with the giants that surround us, all over the fateful “eight thousands” as the K2 and [...]

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New interface for mobile devices

Starting today, the official website of the project “On the Traces of Glaciers” offers a new user interface dedicated to users who access through mobile phones or last generation smartphones. The system favors the textual information and keep graphic contents low, in order to keep the costs of 3G/Edge/GPRS network connections as lowest as possible [...]

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First panoramic at Concordia

Today we wake up at first light of dawn: it’s not very cold, only a few degrees below zero, and the day looks beautiful, no clouds on the horizon; after a quick breakfast we pack our equipment and with our guide Hassan and the three high altitude porters leave to the Miter Peak, from which [...]

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Nightly Concordia

Our days at the base camp are ruled by the sunlight, but sometimes, despite the temperatures below zero, we extend our activities at night, collecting photographic images and timelapse videos of the great mountains lit by grazing and cold lunar light. The starry sky above us, surrounded by ridges of mountains between 7000 and [...]

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