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“Caucasus 2011″: The second expedition has been concluded

Started on July 28th, the photographic-scientific expedition “Caucasus 2011”, which interested the georgian side of the Caucasus range, was concluded on September, 1st.
Four main glaciers examined; twenty comparative’ photographs realized with the same perspective used to shoot images from the first pioneers more than 120 years ago; several ablations sticks positioned; two data logger installed; [...]

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Climbing Banguriani mountain (3885 m)

Days went too fast. I still have clear memories of the departure, with its usual load of anxiety, curiosity and excitement, and I already find myself planning the last hours of the expedition. In the next days the team will split in three to conclude the activities in our schedule: Riccardo will recover the data [...]

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Glaciers from the top: helicopter explorations

Last Monday we had the opportunity to observe the Svanetia’s glaciers from a unique and fascinating point of view: the sky. Thanks to the long and friendly work of the Georgiana and Italian Ambassadors, the Georgian Ministry of Defense and Environment allowed us to utilize an helicopter that was in the region for some military [...]

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Ascent of mount Lashkdilar 3325 m

Through the path that leads up to an altitude of2700 meters,  we reach the plateaus that stand over the Mestia village, where we spend the night in order to reach some wonderful small lakes. From there, we follow the path that leads us to the summit of the Lashkdilar mountain. Thanks to the flat and [...]

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Lardaadi Adishi, a huge icefall

Sometimes, a second is enough to catch the moment in a wonderful photograph; other times it takes time and tenacity. To remake the masterly Vittorio Sella’s image of Lardaadi Adishi, one of the most spectacular Svanetia’s glaciers, we were forced to make a tough 3-days expedition, with porters and horses.
During the wonderful mid-august day we [...]

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Second mission on the glaciers

Saturday, Aug 6th, 6am. We are finally leaving for our second mission on the Svanetia glaciers, the unexplored land that spreads in the Georgian northwest. This region is surrounded by some of the highest mountain in Caucaso, with peaks never below3000 meters, often higher than5000 meters, like the Skhara’ mountain with its 5201 meters.
Riccardo, Kenneth, [...]

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First on sight visits and results

Fabiano Ventura writes: “ We are in Mesita, our logistic base for the expedition. From here we are arranging for a first mission of 5-6 days on the Tuiber Glacier, an important “debris covered Glacier”, namely a glacier with the terminus covered with morenic debris. While Kenneth and Riccardo will leave with the guide George [...]

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Mestia: First important step of the expedition

After a long and difficult trip the team could finally start working with the first scientific investigations on the “Chalaat” Glacier

The team finally arrived yesterday, July 30th, at the base camp in Mestia, a small village of the Svanezia region, in Caucaso. The little plane Tbilisi-Mestia took 4 flights to move the huge amount of [...]

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