Muir-glacier-1893July 22nd will start the next expedition of the project “On the trail of the glaciers”. The team, composed of glaciologist, photographers, alpinists and a TV troop, is this time heading to the Alaska’s glaciers.

Alaska hosts the bigger number of mountain glaciers of the world, 75.000 km2 (data from USGS – US Geological Society), about 35 times more than the Alps.

The cold climate, the abundant rain and the unique glaciers conformation, make this territory particularly interesting also from a scientific point of view.

For this expedition, which will take place in the Glacier Bay National Park, Macromicro Association established collaborations with well-known research institutes. In particular with the National Snow and Ice Data Center of Boulder, Colorado, that ménage the world archive of glaciers’ photos and scientific data, and with the Comitato Glaciologico Italiano, which from 1895 promotes and coordinates research in the glaciology field in Italy.

Not to underestimate the partnerships with the American Embassy in Rome, with Italian Embassy in Washington and with important Italian institutions which support the projects since the beginning.

On the trail of the glaciers: Mission to Caucasus, awarded documentary

Premiazione-documentario-a-Monte-CarloThe documentary “On the trail of the glaciers: Mission to Caucasus” of Marco Preti won the Special Prize Principe Ranieri III at the Monte Carlo Television Festival (June 9-13 2013).

The movie tells the story of the photographer Fabiano Ventura and of his team of scientists in the Georgian Caucasus. The aim of the expedition was to study the effects of climate changes in a beautiful area, kept inaccessible for decades by the Soviet regime, but for this reason remained uncontaminated and out of time.

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Caucasus and Karakorum exhibition

Mostra-fotografica-Kaukasus-Karakorum_01The exhibition “Kaukasus – Karakorum – On the trail of the glaciers” exposed at Messner Mountain Museum Firmian  Until November 2013, already obtained many positive critiques and a big affluence of visitors.

Many of the numerous visitors in these first months have been likely attracted also thanks to the media divulgation at national and international level.

The photographic and scientific work of Fabiano Ventura and of his scientific team in the Caucaso and Karakorum glaciers is narrated through the exposition of thirty photographic comparisons.

Extracts of the two TV documentaries shot during the expeditions by SD Cinematografica are also shown during the exhibition. The documentaries received already several awards and recognitions from the critique and the public.

The exhibition, started on March 3rd 2013, will be opened until November 17th, from 10 to 18 (last entrance at 5 pm). Closing day is Thursday.  The catalogue, 76 pages, edited by “E20Progetti”, is available also on line at this link.

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Photographic exhibition at the Messner Mountain Museum

From March 3 to November 17 2013, the photographic exhibition of the project “On the trail of the glaciers” will be exposed at the prestigious “Messner Mountain Museum Firmian” of Bolzano.
The exhibition will show for the first time repetitive photography realized during the last expedition to Caucasus and a selection of those realized during the first expedition in Karakorum.

Press conference and the opening are scheduled on March 20 at 11:00.

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The new documentary in competition at the Orobie Film Festival

January 21st 2013 at 20:30, the documentary “On the Trails of the Glaciers – Mission to Caucasus” will be shown during the 7th edition of the dell’Orobie Film Festival at the Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII of Bergamo. The documentary was shot during the second expedition of the project “On the Trails of the Glaciers”, directed by Marco Petri and produced by SD Cinematografica.

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The new documentary is now being distributed

The documentary “On the Trails of the Glaciers – Mission to Caucasus” is finally being distributed after more than one year of editing and post-production.  The documentary was shot during the second expedition of the project “On the Trails of the Glaciers”, directed by Marco Petri and produced by SD Cinematografica.

On November 8th 2012 the documentary was broadcasted by the Italian-Swiss TV channel (RSI-LA1). Two glaciologist researchers were interviewed in that occasion, before the broadcast: Riccardo Scotti, who participated to the expedition and Giovanni Kappemberger.

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Collaborations with important research institutes

Starting from today Macromicro association will collaborate with two important scientific institutes: the National Snow and Ice Data Center, a prestigious international institute which ménage the world archives of photographic and scientific data of the glaciers, and the Italian Glaciological Committee, which since 1895 promotes and coordinates the researches in the area of Italian glaciology.

The two Institutes carry out and support the scientific research on glaciers and climatic changes and also deal with scientific divulgation on these themes.

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Our channels on social network

Social network play a fundamental role in scientific divulgation and in weaving interests, dialogues, experiences and knowledge also between people who don’t know each other personally but meet in lively virtual square. Therefore, as Macromicro Association we also opened our channels on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube e Rss.

We invite you to join our channels to follow our activities and actively participate with suggestions, news, doubts, and observations, and to share and comment your thoughts regarding our themes:

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