Alaska 2013

It ended with great success, on the 27th of August, the third expedition of the project “On the trail of the glaciers”. The team, composed of glaciologist, photographers, alpinists and a TV troop, is this time heading to the Alaska’s glaciers. The cold climate, the abundant rain and the unique glaciers conformation that arrive until the sea level, make this territory particularly interesting also from a scientific point of view.

Indeed, Alaska hosts the bigger number of mountain glaciers of the world. Bruce Monlia of the USGS  (US Geological Society), estimates that 75.000 km2 of the Alaska surface is covered by ice, about 35 times bigger than the Alps’ glaciers, and it represents 5% of the entire American surface.

In the latest years, most of the glaciers of this area lost volume, and the relevance of this lost has been recently underlined with an article on Science, since this is one of the major causes of the raise of the ocean level.

The research team, coordinated by Claudio Smiraglia, expert glaciologist of the State University of Milan, gathers together the most expert researchers in the glaciological field from all over the world: : Riccardo Scotti, (Milano Bicocca University),  Roman Mokitya (University Alaska Fairbanks), Jamie N. Womble, (Ph.D. Wildlife Biologist National Park Service), Bruce F. Molnia, (Ph.D. U.S. Geological Survey),  Alessio Gusmeroli (University Alaska Fairbanks), Eyal Saiet (University Alaska Fairbanks).

In order to reach its research and informative objectives, Macromicro Association also established collaborations with well-known research institutes. In particular with the National Snow and Ice Data Center of Boulder, Colorado, that ménage the world archive of glaciers’ photos and scientific data, and with the Comitato Glaciologico Italiano, which from 1895 promotes and coordinates research in the glaciology field in Italy.

Not to underestimate the partnerships with the American Embassy in Rome, with Italian Embassy in Washington and with important Italian institutions which support the projects since the beginning.

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