Fabiano Ventura
Project Leader/Photographer

A professional free-lance photographer, Mr. Ventura, who specializes in high-altitude landscape photography, is deeply interested in environmental issues. Official photographer of the alpinist-scientific expedition “K2 2004 – 50 years later”, he has been collaborating with the Italian Geographical Society since 2002. He partecipated in numerous photographic expeditions to isolated mountain regions, including Nepal, Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia, Namibia, Utah, Colorado, the Ladakh region of India and Iceland.

Kenneth Hewitt

Professor Emeritus of Geography and Environmental Studies, and Research Associate in the Cold Regions Research Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario. He has led more than fifteen research expeditions in the Karakorum Himalaya, and published extensively on glacial processes and hydrology in the region. Recently he has been repeating the journeys of early Himalayan explorers to establish glacier and environmental changes in the past two centuries. He sits on the editorial boards of Erdkunde, Environmental Hazards: Human and Policy Dimensions, and Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research (Springer). He has four children, lives in Toronto, Ontario, and divides his time between research, publishing and consulting in the above fields, and studying classical music.

Claudio Smiraglia
Glaciologist/Coordinator Scientist

An international-level glaciologist, Claudio Smiraglia is a Professor in Earth Sciences at the University of Milan, Italy. His field of research is focused on the effects of climate on glaciers, rock glaciers and recent glacial changes. He is the President of the Italian Glaciological Committe, a member of the Ev-K2-CNR Society and the President of the Central Scientific Committee of the Italian Alpine Club. He has published more than 150 scientific essays and numerous articles on glaciology. He partecipated in scientific expeditions to investigate on glaciers all over the world, including the Karakorum, Iceland, the Himalayas, the Andes, Alaska, Antarctica and Africa.

Riccardo Scotti

PhD student in glaciology and periglacial dynamics at the Department of Geological Sciences and Geotechnologies of the University of Milano Bicocca.
Since 2002 he has been involved in studying glacier dynamics and climate as scientific coordinator of the Glaciological Service of Lombardy. He has published more than 30 scientific essays and articles. He has experience of fieldwork in the Alps, Swedish Arctic and in Svabard Islands. He is active in science communication and publishing as editor chief of the journal “Terra Glaci?lis” and as a photographer for several national magazines such as Nimbus, Neve & Valanghe, La Rivista della Montagna, Temi e Orobie.

Marco Preti

Born in Brescia (Northern Italy) in 1956, director, cameraman and writher. Specialized in extreme documentaries and fiction movies in the most remote areas of the world: mountains, caves, deserts, polar regions, jungles. At 30, he leaves his activity of mountaineer (professional climber, alpine guide, ski instructor, graduated in sport science at Milan Catholic University ) for cinematography. I made documentaries and commercials in: Antartide, Yukon, Alaska, Canada, California, Florida, Utah, Nevada, Messico, Repubblica Domenicana, Perù, Cile, Argentina, Sud Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Mali, Kenia Uganda, Seychelles, Madagascar, Marocco, La Reunion, Camerun, Burkina Faso, Benin, Siberia, Libano, Oman, Norvegia, Finlandia, India, Nepal, Tibet, Xinkiang cinese, Thailandia, Malesia, Borneo, Sumatra, Bali, Java, Sulawesi, Isole Figi, Nuova Zelanda, Australia, Papuasia. Polinesia.

Luca Venchiarutti

Luca Vechiarutti is cameraman, sound director and traveler by passion. His professional activity is focused on the mountains as he participated in the making of several documentaries in different mountain ranges of our planet.
The cooperation with different directors allowed him to travel in Patagonia on the tracks of Padre DeAgostini accompanying the great explorer Walter Bonatti, in Karakorum to report about the absurd war between India and Pakistan for the possession of the wonderful Siachen Glacier; he has been to Mexico, searching for troglobitic species in the Chiapas caves, in Siberia spending an entire winter with the Evenk nomads, in Canada to film the breathtaking snowboarder’s descents, in Polynesia to report the evolutions of a climber; in Madagascar, with Professor De Coriolis.
He lives in Iseo, Italy, on the shore of a wonderful glacier lake.