Repeat photography

Karakorum 2009 - Direct comparison between historic and new photographic images as obtained during the expedition.

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Backstage images

Karakorum 2009 - A selection of backstage images, obtained during the expedition's activities.

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Photographic exhibition setup in Rome

Rome, February 2009: setup of the photographic exhibition within the suggestive area of the Sala Santa Rita (near Piazza Venezia).

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Photographic exhibition grand opening in Rome

Rome, February 25, 2009: grand opening of the photographic exhibition "Karakorum 2009" at the Sala Santa Rita.

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Convention at the Italian Geographic Society

Rome, 15 October 2010: convention “1909 – 2009: One Hundred Years of glaciology and photography in Karakorum. Problems and results of an age-old symbiosis”.

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