Scientific partners

National Snow & Ice Data Center                                                      

The National Snow and Ice Data Center
(NSIDC) is a prestigious Institute that
supports scientific research on the Earth’s
frozen elements: the now, ice, glaciers,
and climate interactions in the cryosphere.

NSIDC ménages the world’s archive
of photos and scientific data of glaciers
coming from on field observations and
satellite images.

Italian Glaciological Committee

Since 1985, the Italian Glaciological
Committee (CGI) promotes and coordinates
glaciological researchers in Italy, and
supports scientific research on
glaciers-climate interactions. It publishes
a bulletin, which serves as journal newspaper
for research activities and for other activities
related to the association, and began a
scientific journal of international importance,
which often publishes international articles.The CGI has always underlined the necessity
to put together a “statistic of Italian glaciers
which could serve to give an idea of the
relevance our glaciers’ heritage, and to
constitute a solid base to the study of our