The Karakorum photographic exhibition

The photographic exhibition “On the Trails of the Glaciers; 1909-2009: 100 years of climatic changes on the Karakorum glaciers” has been held from Feb 24th to Apr 1st 2010 in a prestigious institutional venue such as Santa Rita Hall, at very short distance from Venice square.

Produced in collaboration and with the patronage of the Town Council of Rome

The exhibition, promoted by the Assessorato of Cultural Politics and Communication of Rome and organized by Macromicro Association, in collaboration with Enel Green Power and Zètema Progetto Cultura with the technical sponsorship of Epson Italia, Sony Italia and 10b Photography, expose the results of the first expedition of the photographic-scientific project “On the Trails of the Glaciers”, held in 2009 on the K2, Karakorum, Pakistan.

The exhibition has been realized with large-size high quality prints, allowing to compare the historical pictures, dating back to the beginning of twentieth century, and taken by photographers Massimo Terzano and Vittorio Sella with the modern ones, shot by Fabiano Ventura during the expedition. The comparison between old and new photos highlight the changes occurred in the last 100 years to those glaciers, sensitive indicator of the climate changes of our planet.

Two big LCD screen in the hall played the trailer of the documentary, realized by SD Cinematografica during the expedition, and a slideshow with the comparison of old and new images.

The exhibition was very successfully criticized in the media; the number of visitors was well beyond the most optimistic expectations counting more than 6,000 visits in less than one month. It has also been published a catalogue containing all the pictures.

At the moment several other locations for the exhibition are being finalized in different national and international cities, and the exhibition of the new mission to Caucasus is under elaboration, and will presented in 2012.


The exhibition grand opening


The exhibition’s setup


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Pakistani Embassy in Rome