The television documentary “On the trails of the glaciers” Mission to Caucasus

A new documentary has been produced by SD Cinematografica, an independent production specialized in high quality documentaries, during the second expedition of the project “On the trails of the Glaciers”, which took place in the Georgian region of Caucasus during summer 2011. The famous director Marco Preti directed the documentary.

The entire 52 minutes documentary was shot with Canon 5D Mark II in Full-HD, and currently there will be a in English and an Italian version.

Despite the practical difficulties encountered during the expedition, due to the continuous trips on the different glaciers and mountains, the troupe was able to utilize cinematographic equipment such as the crane and the classical and automatized dolly, to realize moving timelapse. The exploitation of these techniques and the availability of and helicopter to shot from the sky, are the plus which will guarantee a high photographic quality.

The documentary will be ready at the beginning of 2012 to be distributed to the major TV channels of the world.

If you are interested in playing the documentary contact:

Macromicro Association
+39 06 452217040

For info about TV distribution contact:

SD Cinematografica
+39 06 3215114


Following, the documentary trailer:

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